Friday, July 18, 2008

Eileen's Cuttlebug and Scorepal Envelope RAK

I hope you enjoy these picture's of Eileen's 4th of July RAK! I thought is was pretty cool! Eileen and I go way back to the original Yahoo House Mouse group! It truly is amazing to have such great stamping friends all over the world!

I have a group of stampers that I have labeled "Blog Girls". They are a group of stampers or friends that I have sent links of fun blog projects that I find when I am surfing blogs.. I have been doing this for almost a year. This is one I had sent out and Eileen made me a card off of this link.

I asked her to help me find the link and it ended up being pretty easy after she told me that I labeled the link "Envelope Thingy". Pretty descriptive huh?

The original designer is Rachelle Funk of The Ink Boutique.

I love all the extra's that Eileen added with the cuttlebug and scorepal embossing.

Thanks Eileen! I owe you one!

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jen said...

i LOVE it! and cute cherries too!

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