Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Projects of Christmas past! Woodcrafting

I love these little reindeer! The heads are made out of the little spoons that come with orange sherbert cups...remember those? The fence is made out of tongue depressors. I think you can see that each little reindeer is named (those are my kids!)...lots of little pieces on this...they took longer than I thought they would, but were fun to make with Jill West...I think...Jill and I have crafted almost every holiday in the last 10-15 years, but sometimes a new crafter steps in once in a while to join in the reindeer fun. I hope I keep the names straight!

Jill and I made this star up at my Dad's shop in 2001. Of course Dad and sometimes Mom get recruited to act as elves too! The center star is rusted metal.

My Dad, Mom and I made these up at his shop in 2005. The weather was storming and we had the best time. We had over a foot of snow one day when we peeked our head out the shop doors!
I think Jill got snowed out of most of this year!

This was mine and Jill's (and always Dad and Mom) project for 2007. Can you tell they are getting easier and less complicated?

We actually had our local stamp store, The Picture Patch, cut the lettering out of acetate, taped the template on the board and then carefully rolled over the letters...worked pretty slick. My Dad cut the grooves into the boards and then we painted the board black and then red(hmm that is the red on my living room wall!) and then splattered paint on it with a toothbrush. . Jill actually cut the grapevine that is hanging the sign herself! We buy up ribbon and flower pics etc after Christmas and try to incorporate whatever we get into a future projects.

This is a Troutlake Schmid Family project from 1999(yeah I remembered to date it!). They are always more detailed and larger than what I make at home. They even have their own sawmill, so they are ready to go! This is a snowman about 2+ feet tall. Lots of pieces and painting. Lots of fun with family and friends making these...Great memories too!
Close up of the bird house. I think us girls might have put the roof on this wrong (no peak)...or maybe that's how it was suppose to be!

I love this wiggly little snowman. The hat and mittens are cut out of Balsa wood...extremely light, so when you touch them, they just wiggly all over the place (that's what they are suppose to do). Jill and I made these and my daughter Erin hunted down the prototype for us! We are alway shopping craft bazaars etc for something that we can make ourselves! We made this in 2004.

Another Schmid Family project from 2002. Sister Kristie, neice's Kristin and Melissa and myself made these...I know because we wrote on the back! Whew...I love all the dangly lights on this snowman!

Jill West and I made this rustic box in 2006. We gave away these boxes full of Christmas cookies and breads with a candle or special gifty tucked in here and there. This is white washed cedar boards my Dad cut for us. Jill cut the tree branch handles off of her land and we wrapped a long berry pic around it. I now display special Christmas books or magazines in it.

That is it right now for Christmas past(shoot-I just remembered a few more that are around the house...darn it) and now on to Christmas present...I have a few things to finish up tonight and then I will work on that post! We already have plans for Christmas future...and it may be papercrafting!

Hope you have enjoyed this trip down memory lane with me! I am still missing some years in here somewhere, but I did post a few projects from before already! Thanks for stopping by!

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Kerry D-C said...

These are all so GREAT! I am so glad that you shared all of these!

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

My favorites are the box and the reindeer with the berries for antlers.
This is a great idea to go down memory lane! I should see if I have any pictures of items that I've made in the past. I've sold so many or given as gifts, that I kept very little for myself!

Dawn said...

Wow these are just gorgeous - love the rustic feel to them
Have a wonderful Xmas Sue


Elena said...

Sue! You and your family are incredible talented! I love the reindeer!!! They are so cute! The wiggly snowman is adorable! Honestly, I love all your projects from the past!
Merry Christmas Sue!

"Kirby" (KrB) said...

Thanks for sharing all those neat projects, Sue. They have such warmth and charm. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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