Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Past Christmas projects-Sewing

This was the most time consuming project I ever made...boy was I glad to be done with this!

Back in the days when I still sewed alot, I made 15 of these...I appliqued until the wee hours of the night for weeks, but it is still my very favorite project I have ever made! It is so pretty in real life! The fabrics are beautiful! This is a wall hanging about 18" x 24".

Detail of old St Nick

I actually didn't make this little elf, my friend in Alaska, Linda Branson did. But we made each other one for Christmas as our present to ourselves....so yes, I did make one just like this. He usually doesn't sit in my kitchen, but for lighting purposes he had to pose in here. His place of honor is on an old antique piano stool in my living room!

Here he is holding all the candy canes!

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Kerry D-C said...

WOW! I am in envy of people who can sew. I would love too. I can quilt a little...but no real sewing.
I have to laugh about your trip through the crafts of pasts....who hasn't done oodles before finding a niche?!

Elena said...

Wow! Sue! I am just amazed! Your sewing is gorgeous! I can imagine how much work it is! Looking at your wonderful St Nick, I think I will be back to my sewing!
And an Elf is a piece of an art!

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