Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Snickers Salad

No stamping here!

I belong to a cookbook club through our local scrapbook store, Picture Patch. They have a wonderfully talented staff.
The class is instructed and all pages designed by Jill McHale. Each year is a different food category. One year was APPETIZERS and one was COOKIES too.
This years class will focus on SALADS. The first class I took was CHOCOLATE. If anyone knows me very well...they know that I am stuck on cookies, so I think that year was my favorite.

I am not much of a scrapper, but I do get some fun inspiration from Jill's designs as well as some tasty treats. She makes up the recipe each month and brings it for her official taste testers/students! It is a nice evening of scrapping, tasting and visiting. I think this is my 4th year!

This is truly a wonderful salad, give it a try!

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