Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day Projects

Just popping in to show you a couple Father's Day projects I made this year.  Not much crafting time these days, but the Dad's look forward to their specially made projects so I can not disappoint!

This is a big box-7.25 x 3 finished size and holds a lot of Dad's favorite candy! The lid pulls off to allow you to fill it with all the favorite goodies that Dad likes.  I really think this is a project that could be resized smaller and come out just as cute.

3D Fishing Tackle Box designed by Lori Whitlock

 I adore how this pops in to a cube when you pull it out of the sleeve!!! I can't wait to make another one of these-in fact I have one in process already.
 Note: I did add extra layers to all the matting  pieces, but that's just my thing :). 

Insta-cube card tool designed by Lori Whitlock

Hope you enjoyed my projects today!


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Leslie Miller said...

You know... Lori Whitlock is just a little bit too clever, and you and Lori together can rule the world! Okay, that might be a little carried away, but seriously, these projects are amazing! Love how the box slides out and pops into a cube. I mean, really. Wow! The tackle box is way too incredibly cute. Fun to open up and find the goodies. Hope you're hanging in there okay, Sue.

Lola said...

The tackle box is ADORABLE and the cube has got to be one of the most creative things ever! I bet both were a big hit!

Misty Morgan said...

Great fishing box and fun papers. How cute is that Insta-cube card tool!! I love how it pops into a box! Thanks for the inspiration! Great job!

Carol L said...

All I can say is WOW! I love both items, especially how that pull-out pops into a cube! Smart!!

Sandy said...

You are so clever. We have been out of town and then my daughter and 3 of her 4 kids were here so I am horribly behind!!
Sandy xx

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