Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Harry Potter Water Bottles

Harry Potter Water Bottles

My kids are Hydro Flask addicts!  If you don't have one of these, you really should get one, two or maybe 4 like my daughter Abby!  

These containers keep your cold liquids cold for hours(you will still have ice the next day) or hot(would still be hot the next day). They come in many sizes and shapes.

Abby stopped by the other day and wanted to decorate her flasks in honor of school starting this week for the teachers in this area. (She is a second grade teacher). Being a big Harry Potter fan, she went with a HP theme.  All the cut files were shared on a facebook Harry Potter crafty group except for Snape(blue).  That file was purchased off Etsy-(you can find a link to that file at the end of this post.)

Dobby was the center of the O in the Avenge Dobby flask...so we did not want to waste him, so we added a little Dobby to the back of the bottle...he is only about 3/4 tall or so.

I must say I am quite rusty in my Harry Potter knowledge, but Abby brought me up to speed and explained what all these files meant.  That was just as fun as adding this vinyl art to the bottles!

After all this time...always 


Harry Potter inspired Snape from Yole's Designs

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Deloris said...

Love the Harry Potter themed bottles! They turned out great!

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

I'm assuming you made these vinyl lablels for your daughter. I think it is so much fun working with vinyl and even the sandblasting. These are super and I don't know much about HP myself.

Lola said...

Love these! My 9 year old is currently reading book 1 and we now have all the movies. We are BIG HP fans.

Angela said...

These are absolutely amazing. Do you sell them? I would love to buy one for my daughter.
Through Christ Who strengthens me,

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