Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Mothers Day Share by Gwamma!

I received this masterpiece in the mail today and just had to share. Obviously, my little grandsons are starting on a life of crafty adventure!!!  I am wondering if you can guess what they drew?  I think Lukey's is pretty obvious and I was really quite surprised at his artistic drawing...but Cole's had me stumped.  Fortunately his Mama wrote on the the back of the drawings.  I smiled so big when I read it!

I was tickled to see their actual signatures...(gotta love Lukey's backwards or sidewards L!) My he is growing so fast! 

 Now back to Cole's drawing. Anyone around me very much, knows I always have a cup of ice (really blended into snow) not far away...My little boyz love to share with me. I had to smile at the idea that my little Cole was so thoughtful! :)

I added the vinyl Mothers Day 2014 on the front of the frame, because I know myself...I know I will forget when they drew this for me...and I don't want to do that!

Now --I think I will quit my job, grab my cup of ice and head off to my  new Lukey house where I don't have to work-the stuff that dreams are made of!

Thanks for letting me share with you today!

Happy Mothers Day to all my crafty friends!


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Eve said...

how precious! :)

Sandra H said...

Aww Sue this is so cute x

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, that's so sweet and thoughtful and utterly adorable! It shows they are genuinely thinking of you and I can just feel the love they put into this. My heart is touched. Happy Mother's Day!

Sandy said...

Wonderful - what happy keepsakes!

Glenda Atkins said...

Aaaah to be treasured for sure, you are truly blessed!

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