Friday, June 7, 2013

Graduation Cards 2013

 Boy Grad
Girl Grad

Graduation card time!  I found this really awesome Graduation card HERE at Sabriolet Designs that I totally loved and had to case as close as I could. She had some gorgeous DCWV paper and hers is more 'classy' than mine-but I chose school colors so mine turned out pretty bright...what's new right? LOL

For my friends/family that just purchased their Silhouette, I am going to show you how I made this.

Cut out numbers (2.105 x 1.415-font is  Bernard MT Condensed)
Boy Grad is 3.5 inches tall

(To make shadows-chose the icon that looks like a bullseye at the bottom of the screen or the 6th icon from the right in DE-you can choose Offset or Internal Offset )

 Make an offset shadow (.075)of the red numbers (2013) and then nudge the shadows together with your arrow keys (select a shape and then hit an arrow key to slighty nudge any shape)
Remember to pull you original number or shape back off the mat
Weld the 2013 shadows together
Make another copy of the shadow
Make an offset shadow (.075)of the Grad-pull the original grad off the mat
Weld the Grad shadow to the second 2013 shadow

Make a red shadow (.075) of numbers and Grad
Make a black offset shadow of the Red set (.25)
Make a second copy of the black shadow-pull one of the mat for later
Make a yellow inset shadow of the black piece for the inside of the card (.50)

Here you can see that yellow inset shadow added inside the card. 
To make the card base select the black shadow piece, go to 
Object, Transformation, Mirror Options, and finally Mirror above. Slick huh?
You will need to nudge the two pieces to over lap each other slightly and then weld them together.
Here you can see the top layers I just made (all except the card base) I separated each of these layers by pop dots
Add to your card base. This is a pretty big card (7.5 x 4.25)  

Now this looks like it would take forever, but it was quick and easy! The hardest part was figuring out the colors of the layers and keeping them all straight. 

There you go Melissa, Linda and Ann!


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Donna Ellis said...

Sue, I know when I visit here, something new and interesting is going to be awaiting - and once again, you have blown me away by your ingenuity. FABULOUS graduation cards - so personalized. Thank you for showing the steps - does Silhouette have a DT? You *need* to be on it! LOL Seriously, a wonderful example of making typically "Sue" cards - love both the girl and boy - GREAT shaped cards! hugs, de

Deloris said...

Awesome graduation card! So very clever! Love it!

Cheryl First said...

Nice card! TFS your instructions on how you made it, too! :)

Elena said...

You are doing an amazing job with Silhouette!

Melin said...

What a fantastic bright and cheery card! Very colorful! I am your newest follower and look forward to seeing more of your great work!

Dayna Sabrina said...

Oh my goodness your card looks great! The red really pops! Thanks so much for the shout out and link back! I really appreciate it!

Jani Lewis said...

Great cards. Love the papers you chose.

nwilliams6 said...

Sue, the layers are wonderful and the card is fantastic. So well done!

Glenda Atkins said...

Fabulous work creating thsed wonderful grad cards. Very creative!

stamps&cars said...

AWESOME!!! Love the layers. I'll have to revisit this post when I need to layer like this.

Lynn Mercurio said...

These are not only adorable, but so creative in their design! Coming up with new and fun grad cards is a challenging feat, but you have done so with a brilliant creative flair. Well done!

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting all of the steps Aunt Susie!! You are such a pro with that Silhouette! Mom is bringing the laptop today that Matt put the Skype on, so now I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for all the help and encouragement!
Love you! Melissa

Larissa said...

Wow great card! Love it


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