Monday, February 21, 2011

Passing off the torches for Amber Ink!

Yes, a sad day for me in AmberInk-ville blogland....I must hand off my torch to a new Purple torch bearer! Although I am sad to not be carrying the purple torch, I do know that working with Pam and Amber from Amber Ink has been a blast. Running with those chicks has been great fun and I do plan to do some more running around their site in the months to come! They are wonderful and creative ladies, and just totally crazy fun if you want to know the truth. (insert sad sigh here....I will miss them!)

As sad as I am to hand off my torch today, I am totally excited to hand off the purple torch to another great inspiration, Allison from Stampin When I Can.  Allison is my Basic Grey inspiration, my best blog and list inspiration, and always posts a "Fun thing I found on the web" tidbit to make me laugh!  I am so excited to see what Allison creates with Amber Ink images! She posted a great tutorial  on merging Amber digi images HERE.

Here's what's happening with the rest of my fellow  torch bearers!

Laurie Willson is passing off the blue torch to Keva Brown
Joey McKelvey is passing her pink torch to Scoopy Sue Cooper
Meg Craig is passing her orange torch off to Cheryl Gorka
Brenda Rose is passing off her brown torch to Jenn Lee

The new team is off and running today...stop by and say Hello!!!!

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Patti J said...

Good luck in your next papercrafting adventure, Sue! Hugs!!!

Pam said...

Awwww Sue! What kind words! I'm going to read them three times now ;) And look at those projects! My word they looked great individually but WOW...all together and ShaZAM! Still love that fridge! Thanks for being "THAT Sue in Oregon"! We still can't believe that you ran with our little torch but so thrilled that you did!

Karin said...

Your projects just blew me away! You out did yourself and I'm thrilled you will be and alumni with the rest of us now :)

Meg said...

Your creations were so jaw-droppingly awesome I felt craftier just being a torchbearer alongside you! You did such an awesome job, can't wait to see you "on the other side!"

(ps-yes, I think I will change my name to Meg Corgi)

Amberbop said...

Oh Sue, you make me blush. We are the lucky ones. I am sooooooo glad you're not going anywhere, you need to help us ward off the separation anxiety! You do us proud. I have so much, love and mucho admiration for your particular brand of brilliance!

Silli said...

how cool is that? love all your projects!!!!

Elena said...

You created such an amazing projects for AmberInk!

Sue said...

Your projects are gorgeous. I am sure they will miss you.

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