Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday Abby!

Today is my daughter Abby's 30th birthday! Seems just like yesterday she was born! Abby weighed only 5 lbs when she was born...a wee bit early, but she has stayed tiny all her life. She squeeeeaaks in at just below 4 foot 9 inches. By our state laws...she should still be in a childs booster seat LOL! She has been a little spitfire from the day she was born and never grew out of it LOL! Happy Birthday Sweetums!

Now on to this fun fold card! I totally copied if from a card that I actually stole borrowed from my oldest daughter  when "little" Luke was born. She knew I would have to give it a try...she said so when she showed it to me with a grin! Don't worry Lukey...Gwamma will give your card back now!

This is my first attempt at making this fun fold, so I tried to photograph as I went along. Here it is opened up!

Here is what you will need: I piece of each size

5 x 12
5 x 6 (I used double sided dp to photograph for you)
3/4 x 6 cream strip
glue dots

Score this piece at 2.5 and 5 inches
fold over at the 5 inch score and measure 1.5 inches up. Cut not quite 3/4's of an inch

Inside of card
open up the card. Measure down 1/2 inch and make a small mark. Score from this mark back up to the ends of each cut. I marked it  on this sample so you can see.

Outside of card
 After you score the triangle, fold it over again and push the triangle to the inside.

 These two pictures are of the strip of paper that actually will swing your image. This piece is cut originally at 3/4 inch and then you will do a little fine tuning and cut off a little off towards the top. See pic to see what I mean. Mark 1 inch up on the bottom left side and then cut at an angle to make a point. Fold up the point and add a glue dot here. Make sure it does not hang off the might have to fold over your dot like I did. It will be inserted with the little point folded up like this. Set this aside for now.

Take the 5 x 6 piece of paper and score at 3/4 , 4 3/4 and 5 1/2.

Left side: Measure up 2 inches from the bottom and cut out the section from the score. Measure down 1/2 inch from the top and cut out that section.

Right side: Measure one inch up-- and cut over to the second score line and cut out that section.

Add a circle to give you the shape...picture below is this is how I got the circle...pretty high tech...yep that's me..Miss Techie.. (don't roll your eyes Abby LOL)

A nice high tech salad plate gave me the curve I needed.

Flip over your 5 x 6 cut up piece. Glue it on like this, aligning your top and bottom edges.

There it is...glued on! Stick in the swing arm and line it up straight with the score line. Push real hard so the glue dot sticks. It can get a little weary after you open and close this baby 100 times LOL!

I did a little testing here to make sure the swing arm was working here before I glued down the right hand tab.
Glue the tab down and test  out ther placement of your image on the swing arm. (you will glue the two front folded panels together once you are sure the swing arm works properly)
Just another peek here of what it will look like before the final tab is glued down.

See how I have part of my image hanging over the front of the polka dot piece? That helps "lock" in the image so it does not flop around. This little puppy is stabilizing the girl that will be popping  up when you open the card.  I adhered my image with glue dots (add glue dots towards the end of the swing arm) and add your image. Open and close your card (at least one hundred times....just kidding!) and test to make sure your image clears the half circle nicely and opens smoothly. This is a good time to go back and glue your front fold together.

Now you are ready to decorate as you wish. I cut out the sentiment with my Cricut and used a fun Mo's Digital Pencil digi. I think this one was a freebie when you joined Mo's group on  Paper Craft Planet...trying to remember......

The Birthday girl holding nephew 'lil' Lukey! (she is 30 and he is 6 months)

I am going to enter this card in the in the Fun Folds challenge over at Our Creative Corner.

Thanks for sticking through this...if you make one of these...I would love it if you link it here so I can come take a peek!


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Heidi said...

Sue, it's a cute card and Happy Birthday to Abby!
I love the way you colored those sweet images!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Patti J said...

Happy Birthday to Abby! Gosh Sue, she is a tiny one! Our DD will be 30 in Jan., wears a size 2, and is just barely 5'2"....wish I could say she looks like her momma! lol... Thanks for the great tutorial! Hope Abby's had a great day :)

Lorie said...

How cute is that card! I bet your daughter loved it! Your daughter is adorable and her goodness, what a chunk!

Cindy Haffner said...


Shirley N said...

Super fun card Sue, Abby must have loved this! Thanks for the tutorial and the great inspiration!

a portland granny said...

Loved the card, but that baby is growing!! He's quite a handful for his auntie!! So cute.

Annika said...

This is so cool, thank you for a tut - definitely something I'd like to try out! And your colouring is gorgeous!
Happy birthday to Abby - she is so beautiful - and so is thr lil' nephew - awwww!!! Can't believe how small your daughter was when she was small, both of mine were total whoppers, never had that TINY fragile baby stage, sturdy from day 1, lol

Our Little Inspirations said...

What an adorable and festive card! I love those pink colors and how that image slides up and down! TFS the tutorial!
I roared when you said Abby needs a booster seat by state laws!!! LOL She probably hates being taunted about her petite size, but she's such a pretty girl and I think being petite is a gift (Having been a plus-size girl all my life). Happy Birthday Abby!

Lynnor said...

I enjoyed this card so much, Sue!!! I love cute and festive!! And then I scrolled down and found the instructions!!! How cool is that?? Thanks so much!! Hugs!

Deloris said...

Your card turned out really cute! Great job!

K Andrew said...

Now how insanely cute is this? I absolutely LOVE how you gave your card dimension--and that image just evokes squeals of joy! GREAT GREAT card!
Thanks for becoming a follower at my blog--and I'm now a follower of your super cute creative blog! Looking forward to getting to know you and seeing more cute stuff!
I have a Halloween challenge going on if you get bored, you can hop over and post a project!

petra,s cards said...

hey seu wat een geweldig mooie kaart van harte gefeliciteerd met de verjaardag van uw dochter bedankt voor uw lieve reactie op mijn kaartje geweldige stempels zijn het he!! kijk uit naar de geweldige kaartjes die u er mee gaat maken!!!
xx petra

Nancy said...

Now how cute is this??? I just love it - everything about it. Fabulous! Happy Birthday to your daughter.

Sue said...

What a beautiful card!! Love the hot pink and MO's image is perfect! Thanks for all your hard work, gotta try this soon. Daughter is adorable, your grandson is so darling, what a big guy, he's beautiful.


Elena said...

Amazing interactive card! Thank you so much for sharing this great tutorial, Sue!!!
And what a cute picture of Birthday Girl and Lukey! :)

Ida said...

What a fun and cheerful card. Hope your daughter had a great birthday.

Linda Coughlin, the funkie junkie said...

Totally awesome card and you totally rocked the Fun With Folds challenge! That image is positively joyous and so beautifully colored. Wonderful work on providing a tutorial for that cool pop up card - thanks so much for sharing that. So happy you could join in the fun with us this week at Our Creative Corner.

stamps&cars said...

Love the tut! DARLING card! I think you should send that technique to Pat. I think she is wanting more moving card techniques for a special CD.

Allison said...

OMGEE! This is super fab...what a neat idea! I can think of two WJs who would love it if I made a card like this!

Larissa said...

Fabulous card Sue! The design is awesome, thanks for the great tutorial!
Happy birthday to Abby!


Silvia said...

I saw your card on Pinterest last week and it is so FUN!! Thank you so much for the great tutorial. I love "moving" cards and I have just finished my first run at this using scraps and IT WORKS GREAT! Now I just need to pick my real colors/dsp and put one together for a friend. Thank you for sharing and inspiring the rest of us to try things out!!

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