Friday, April 3, 2009

Valentine Star Mini Album Tutorial

Okay! I have had so many crafters ask me how I made this book that I am going to show some pictures...I really took these pictures for my own memory and although they are not all the way complete,(I got sidetracked during some of the steps) I think they will give you the idea. Many of you have requested directions on how to make this mini album as they want to make one for Mother's Day...what a great idea! Can you believe this design came to me while I was dreaming one night!? Wish I had more dreams like that...

I googled "how to make a star album" and found this site. Ohhh...what inspiration...tons of great ideas and also I see they have recently added the elusive waterfall mini album directions too. Oh go browse...tons of fun. I think this would be fun in an Egg shape for Easter.

Without any more chatter I will jump into the explanation of the photo's I I missed a few steps here and there...but I will explain as I go through the pictures.

What you will need:

Heart Nestabilities
I used the following:

(cut 5 sets each- cut these on the fold-see pictures)

1- Red heart was the largest scallop heart... measures about 4 1/2 inches across
2-White heart was the second plain heart in the set...measures 3 1/2 " across
3-Black scalloped heart (4th in the set) measures about 2 1/4 across

4-Silver heart (5th in set) measures about 1 5/8 across-(Cut 10 individual hearts of this size)

5 pieces of red cardstock cut approx size 5 x10-score in half
5 pieces of white cardstock cut approx size 4 x 8-score in half
5 pieces of black cardstock cut approx size 3 x 6
10 small pieces of silver cardstock cut approx 2 x 2 ( I just used one big piece of silver)

misc embellishments
18" of ribbon and a heart clip to hold the star album open
Ribbon clasp for final closure(see top picture for what I used)
ATG gun adhesive, sticky strip or some other STRONG sticky...tombow will not be strong enough to hold this together.
Glue dots
Several of your favorite cuttlebug folders. I used the swirly one for the red, swiss dots for the white and the one that looks like house siding (LOL) for the black. You could use whichever ones you like best.

Cut your cardstock and score the red, white and black cardstock in half.

Fold cardstock in half and tape the nestie in place so it would not move. Place so that the nestie hangs barely off the edge of the folded cardstock.(see picture below) You will cut 5 red, 5 white and 5 black. I used repositional tape...I have read you can use blue painters tape also.
Let the nestability hang over the fold so you get a "hinge'.

Texture your cardstock one side at a time, making sure you use the cuttlebug folder the same way on each side.

This is what it looks like when that step is completed.

This picture is of two hinged and folded hearts. You will tape up a heart "real good" and stick them together. Repeat this step for all 5 hinged RED hearts...DO NOT tape the last red heart together.

This is what the first two RED sets look like when they are glued together. Continue with the rest of the red hearts, leaving the last set unglued.

Okay...after here I think I either went to bed, took a pretzel break, or just plain forgot to take anymore pictures until done, so I will have to explain instead.

1-cut and complete your white set
2-cut and complete your black set

With each hinged heart you will use glue dots on the back outer edge of each side of each heart and stick it to the RED hinged heart. I then centered each color on top of the heart below for placement. (this sounds a wee confusing, so it may be easier just to refer to the pictures LOL)

You can tell by the picture below how they will look when attached.

3-cut and decorate each individual silver heart (or 4th layer of hearts). Center and use a strong glue to attach.

4- fold up album and glue the ribbon across the front and around the back. (18 inches) and add your closure. Trim ribbon as needed.

See the clip here? This will hold open the book and allow it to stand open.

Ta-dah....all done!

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Jovita said...

Sue this is really cute and very creative... I never have good create kind of dreams ;) Thanks for taking time to do the tutorial.

Larissa said...

Wow so cute! So creative and a perfect present for someone special in your life!

Have a good sunday!

Elena said...

Wow! Sue! I remember this heart mini-album! It is amazing!
Thank you very MUCH for the fine tutorial!

Curt in Carmel said...

Wow Sue! What a great tutorial! This is so wonderful, and how nice of you to share! Wonderful stuff! Best, Curt

Eve said...

This is adorable! Thanks for taking the time to show us all how to make it!

Sue said...

Wow sue great tutorial thanks for sharing, beautiful work, so striking, sue.x

Katie Renz said...

Thank so much for sharing Sue!

Kerry D-C said...

WOWZERS! THIS IS AMAZING! Really STUNNING, Sue! I had to laugh at the this comment:

Okay...after here I think I either went to bed, took a pretzel break, or just plain forgot to take anymore pictures until done, so I will have to explain instead.

Heeheehee! So funny!

Jenny Gropp said...

I remember this post too! Great job on the tutorial!

JediSergei said...

The album is so cute! I love your Idea of using the nestabilities to cut it into a heart shape!

Our Little Inspirations said...

Holy Moley - what a CUTE album! TFS all the instructions to make one - it's as pretty inside as outside! Beautiful!

Ila said...

This is So Cute and Gorgeous!!..Thanks for the tutorial...what a lovely gift this would make!!..Hugs, Ila

Anja's weblog said...

Wow, Sue, what a Beautiful album. Super!!


Renee said...

Hi Sue, I felt very inspired by your mini album so thought I'd give it a go to make one for my partner for Valentines day :)
Mine turned out a little different, the embellishments took hold lol
Thanks so much for sharing :)

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