Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Christmas Eye Candy-NSR

Let it snow!
Across the street from my can see it's snowing in this picture!

This post is pictures of things that make me happy on Christmas! Family and Friends are always #1 in my book, but I do love the decorations and traditions that go along with it. This Christmas, because of the huge snowstorm, I didn't get to be with all my children nor did we get to the big city to see the other side of our family. They are all missed greatly. I was so looking forward to watching Cole tear a few presents open, or at least roll around in a box or wrapping paper...isn't that how it all works...lots of shopping and the babies like the boxes best LOL!?

Taibo says "I LOVE my new squeaker ball!" (my dog)

My snowbaby collection set up in my antique pie safe. Oops ran out of fake snow by the time I got to the last shelves...and none to be found in this town!

My tapping Hallmark crew!

My girls took tap dance classes for over 15 years, so we have all enjoyed these! These are driving my son crazy!

One of Erin's first homemade ornaments. It is suppose to be a Christmas tree...

One of Abby's first homemade ornaments...suppose to be a sheep...she was really little when she made this almost 25 years ago...can you believe a cotton ball can last that long LOL!

One of Matt's first homemade Christmas ornaments. The arms and legs are rubberbands and they are so old they are starting to get brittle.

What a crew here...Made by my dear friend Kim...I love homemade ornaments! These are little people made out of nylons, wire and felt. I love their eyes.

Oh the day is not complete without Christmas tunes. My current favorite is Josh Groban's Noel CD(can't find the album cover for this pic-so I substituted) Trisha Yearwood-Sweetest Gifts (I think...again I carry these things around to different rooms so I will have to round them up), Always have to have John Denver and the Muppets(this is not a soothing album hahahaha), Kenny Loggins, Colin Raye, Steve Wariner, Dan Fogelberg, HAPA(a wonderful Hawaiian album), John Berry and lots and lots of others...I so love Christmas music...mostly the kind that is calming to the nerves LOL!

Kristie Schmid's home made caramels...heaven!

My Christmas village. I don't get this out every year because it is so time consuming to put up and takes up a lot of space. I have to say I have enjoyed it this year, especially at night with the living room lights out! I can't wait for little Cole to see it next you think he will be old enough to keep his little fingers out of the town LOL?!

and last but not least my little fairy night light that was a gift from Kristi. The little hat has a thingie on it's head full of bubbly water and glitter and it is just so cute...makes me smile!

Next year I hope to share all of these memories and more with little Cole. This is my Ali Edwards type post. She does this wonderful December mini scrap book of each day in December...maybe next year I will make one!

I wish all of you a wonderul 2009!

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Elena said...

Thank you for sharing the precious moments about Christmas Sue!

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