Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm still here!

I have not disappeared, but Christmas Holidays do tend to bite into my stamping!

I have been baking and visiting with my family this last week, so you might start seeing some cookie recipes come your way, and pictures of all the goodies I have done so far. I make everyone's favorite first (in case I run out of time closer to Christmas). I also start my annual Holiday wood or sewing craft. I have a couple crafty friends and we get together and have the best time making gifts to give away. I hope to show you some I have made in the past also.

So stay tuned...I hope to stamp my Courtney's Closet Challenge tomorrow and then on to baking some more goodies! Hope you enjoy!

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Carolyn Bounds said...

You got my total, undivided attention when you mentioned that wonderful word...COOKIES!!! I will be keeping my eyes peeled for your scrmptious, holiday, cookie recipes:o)


Curt in Carmel said...

Can't wait to see! You are multi-talented!!! Best, Curt

Kerry Donovan-Casey said...

mmmmm...cookies! Can't wait to see your Courtney's Closet rock thos challenges!

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