Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Woodcrafts-Frosty and Angel

Angel 2003

I made this cute little angel along with my longtime friend and main crafting partner Jill. We started crafting years ago when we had enough energy to stay up until midnight. We always had fun crafting until the wee hours...lots of laughs and talks about life! My Dad has a full wood shop and he stokes up a great big fire in the woodstove and we all usually end up crafting in the middle of the December snowstorms. Ahh...what memories!

After we finished this one-I never wanted to coil another piece of wire! Ouch, that was hard on the hands! (but I must admit, my hair does look like this in the mornings LOL)

Now that I am in the thick of working on my 2008 Christmas woodcraft, I thought I would show you some of my past Christmas projects. Unfortunately, I did not write down when we made this snowman, but I think it was made about 8 years or so ago. I have dear family in Troutlake Washington that helped feed my crafty desires.

Mark and Kristie hosted this craft. They are very crafty and even mill their own wood! A whole group of family and friends got together and crafted this snowman, and we each went home with our very own! He is BIG, at least 3 feet tall and really does have greenery at his feet, it just hasn't been unpacked yet!

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Elena said...

Wow! Sue, you are very talented! The angel is so precious! And it is a vey nice way of keeping the memories! And the snowman is the cutest guy! Thank you for sharing these pictures!

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

I used to do stuff like this too! I even taught classes after many years of craft shows!

Curt in Carmel said...

I loved the memories you shared about the workshop and the wood burning stove. Very comfy memories indeed! These wood pieces are amazing! Love that hair! Best, Curt

Kerry D-C said...

Wow! Sue I am so impressed with your many talents!! I don't know how I have missed all these wonderful posts lately. Please forgive my absence. Sounds like lots of fun was had with Jill and your family. Looks like talent runs in your family blood. :)

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