Thursday, October 2, 2008

September Cookbook Club

I made this for last month's cook book club. The page is designed by Jill McHale from our local scrapbook store, The Picture Patch. I am sort of a picky eater, and I looked at that and wasn't sure I wanted to taste it, but by golly it was quite good. Charla and I attend Jill's monthly cookbook club and each year has a different theme! We are just finishing up Salads and going into Cookies

I cringe when we have to do needle work, but the sewing on this page wasn't too bad! Whew!

I have been busy this week, trying to get my s'crap' room put back together. I decided last weekend to take the whole thing apart, rearrange, paint furniture I am doing the not so fun stuff of putting it all back on shelves etc. I can't find anything.

I am attending the SCS OR/WA shoebox swap on Saturday and still working on my Courtney's Closet challenge card...just a wee bit late. Watch for a couple cute things coming up in the next couple of days!

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Kevin Renz said...

What a great idea! Your cookbook looks fabulous.

Carolyn Bounds said...

This is yummy...and the recipe looks rather tasty too:o) I wish we had a local scrapbook store that did such fun things. Every time one opens around here, something happens and it closes. Hmmmm...maybe I will start my own little cookbook club.

Have fun at the shoebox if I really needed to tell you that;o} I cannot wait to see your upcoming creations. I know they will be fabulous!!! Have a super weekend in your fresh scrap room (not s'crap' room...I did catch that by the way;o) LOL!!!


Curt in Indy said...

This is wonderful Sue! I don't know why you would cringe on sewing, everything you do is to notch! Looks great! Best, Curt

It All Begins With A Tree said...

Great sewing! I love this recipe card, it's so detailed and the colors are great! I read the recipe and it sounds tasty...have copied it down and I'm going to try it tomorrow. Thanks for all the beautiful cards I got to look at, your friendship and this TASTY recipe!

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