Monday, July 7, 2008

Heidi's tool belt card!

Thanks heavens for Heidi girl...she keeps me going with inspiration during this very strange cherry harvest! Not much stamping going on here in Oregon right thank heavens that Heidi has chosen to spoil me during tharvest..and guess what...I got ANOTHER card in the mail today! WOO HOOO...wait until you see this one!

There is so much detail on this card...the little front pocket has a ruler and a carpenter's pencil...paper piercing separates the looks like real stitching. The tag holding the hammer slides along the brown strip at the top.

The top picture you are seeing is with the saying pulled out...but it does not intially show when you open the card. It says.."Men have their toys...." and "We have ours!" I love this inside image and Heidi colored it in so much detail...she used like a million colors.

This is such a great all the tools, brads and pull out too...I love cards that move LOL.

Thanks again to Heidi...The Queen of Cherry Harvest in my eyes...

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PATTY said...

love these cards.

Kristine said...

OMGoodness--SOOOOO TRUE!! What a fabulous card!!

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