Tuesday, June 25, 2019

You're a Keeper

You're a KEEPER!

Yes, you are a keeper. I adore this card design by Snap Dragon Snippets.  I always look for fun fishing related cards as my Father in Law is an avid fisherman. I made these cards for Father's Day-cutting them with my Silhouette.

I made a couple different versions just to see which papers I would like best. He is always so appreciative of the special efforts I make with his fishy cards and never throws them away! My Dad is the same, he has all of his lined up on his dresser. Dad's are great!

Hope you enjoyed this fun creation!


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Scrapper69 said...

Those are so cute Sue! I love the shape and the fact that both your Dad and FIL keep your cards... That is so awesome! :)


Cathy said...

Sue, this is so perfect for those men who love to fish. love, love, love it.

Marilyn said...

Cute! Love the shape!
Have a great day!

Bunny said...

I love this. It's so cute. How creative. [Bunny]

Leslie Miller said...

Ha! These two are a hoot, and the sentiment makes them even more special. It really makes a person smile. It's so nice that your dad and dad-in-law are so appreciative. Rich keeps all his cards, too, tucked here and there. It's kind of up to me to move some of the older ones to a pile to save space!

Xander said...

I'm appreciate your writing skill. Please keep on working hard. Thanks for sharing.

Carol L said...

These are super cute! Thanks for the July 4th wishes, hopefully your 4th was fun-filled too! SO DELIGHTED you got to see RT in concert! His tour is looking pretty amazing and is it my imagination or is he looking younger than ever?

Glenda Atkins said...

Dad's are indeed great, and I do not blame yours for keeping your cards, they really are a delight!

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